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Vendor FAQs

Is the entering our best unit price a total lump sum for the year or a price for each unit per ( intake, session, group session or Assessment)?

The price should be per unit (ie: intake assessment/report, individual session, group session).

Who do I mail my [proposal] package to?

You will find the contracting officer and address to which you should submit your proposal package on Page A-1, Box 5 of the RFP for which you are submitting a proposal. 

What does the Offeror's Background Statement mean?

Please see Section L.1, Preparation of Background Statement which gives specific instructions on completing the Background Statement.

Do you want education and licenses for staff?

Yes. Please see Attachment C in Section L as well as the Question/Answer below regarding education requirements for substance abuse and mental health counselors.

With the extension of the deadline, do I have to complete only the first page (Amendment of Solicitation)?

No. You must complete and submit the Amendment of Solicitation as well as the entire RFP packet.

We provide services in more cities than the one in which we currently provide contracted services for the USPO. Can we submit a proposal for those other locations or only for the region we are currently in?

Yes. You are free to submit a proposal for any BPA for which you can provide services.

Are vendors given veterans' preference?


What does the Estimated Monthly Quantity stand for?

Estimates of the frequency that the services will be required by our office. These figures are estimates only and the Government is not bound to meet these estimates. *See Section L of the RFP.*

What are the education requirements for substance abuse counselors?

Substance abuse counseling services practitioners shall have at least one of the following (a or b):
(a) An advanced degree (masters or doctoral level) in behavioral science, preferably psychology or social work;
(b) A BA/BS and at least two years of drug treatment training and/or experience.
Counselors shall be certified and/or have credentials to engage in substance abuse treatment intervention as established by his/her state's regulatory board and/or accrediting agency.

What are the education requirements for mental health counselors?

Mental Health counseling must be performed by a masters or doctoral level clinician who is licensed or certified and meets the standards of practice established by his/her state regulatory board. The assessment could also be conducted by a non-licensed masters level clinician under the supervision of a licensed professional in accordance  with state licensing standards.

How many certification hours are needed to qualify for the Sex Offender Treatment Procurement?

As stated on Pages C-5 through C-7 of the RFP, all sex offender-specific services must “be provided by provided by a licensed/certified psychiatrist, psychologist, or masters or doctoral level practitioner; who meets the standards of practice established by his/her state’s regulatory board and adheres to the established ethics, standards and practices of state regulatory sex offender management boards (where applicable). The individual shall practice within the generally accepted standards of practice of the individual's mental health profession, adhere to the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards and Guidelines published by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), and demonstrate competency according to the individual’s respective professional standards and conduct all evaluations/treatment in a manner that is consistent with the reasonably accepted standard of practice in the sex offender evaluation/treatment community.”