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Employment Opportunities

24-02 Operational Administrative Assistant, Augusta, GA - This position is in the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Office. The incumbent ensures the integrity and efficiency of the Probation Automated Case Tracking System (PACTS) database, runs PACTS statistical reports, monitors CM-ECF document extractions, monitors and distributes CM-ECF court orders, and submits statistical and sentencing data to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Bureau of Prisons, and other agencies. The incumbent provides technical, administrative, and case management support to probation/pretrial services officers in a wide range of areas, including assisting officer specialists in completion of specialized tasks relative to specialized programs such as drug aftercare treatment, re-entry/drug court programs, and special project development. The incumbent performs operational assistance to supervisors, officer specialists and probation/pretrial services officers. The incumbent has a thorough understanding of policy and procedures and requires minimal supervision. Click here to view the 24-02 job announcement

24-03 Chief Probation Officer, Savannah, GA - The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia is seeking a qualified individual for the position of Chief Probation Officer. The Chief Probation Officer fulfills the statutory duties of the position and supervises activities of the United States Probation Office. The Chief Probation Officer is a court unit executive who operates under the direction of the Chief Judge and the Court. The United States District Court includes three active judges, one senior judge and three magistrate judges. The Southern District of Georgia encompasses 43 counties and include six places of holding court. The headquarters office is located in Savannah, Georgia. Click here to view the 24-03 job announcement

An application for employment must accompany all submissions. Click here to view the AO_078 application