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Location Monitoring

The Location Monitoring Program (LMP) is an alternative to pretrial detention or post-conviction incarceration. LMP uses technology as a supervision tool to assist probation officers in verifying a defendant’s/offender’s location. Participation in LMP may be imposed as a special condition of supervision by the Court, the Bureau of Prisons, or the United States Parole Commission. In the Southern District of Georgia, LMP is electronically monitored unless specifically ordered otherwise.

LMP requires an individual to remain at home, except for certain approved activities such as work, court appearances, religious services, and medical appointments. There are three main components of LMP: Home Incarceration, Home Detention, and Curfew.

  1. Home Incarceration is the most restrictive component of LMP. As the name suggests, it requires 24-hour-a-day incarceration at home, except for medical necessities and court appearances or other activities specifically approved by the Court.
  2. Home Detention requires the defendant/offender to remain at home at all times, except for pre-approved leave for purposes of employment, education, medical attention, correctional treatment, court appearances, attorney meetings, religious services, or other activities as approved by the probation officer.
  3. Curfew requires the defendant/offender to be restricted to his or her residence during specified hours. Curfew is intended to be less restrictive than home detention and may be imposed with or without location monitoring.