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Courthouse Dress Code

The Court has established a standing policy regarding appearance and attire for individuals entering the United States Courthouses for the Southern District of Georgia.  In accordance with that policy, any person reporting to the probation office must abide by the following general guidelines and prohibitions.

  1. Bare feet, shorts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, undershirts, or any arrangement of clothing which reveals undergarments or a bare mid-section are prohibited.
  2. Clothing or body parts that are dirty, malodorous, greasy, potentially injurious, offensive, or which otherwise adversely affect the orderly conduct of business are not permitted.
  3. Pickets, signs, or any clothing which attempts to display any message relating to any pending case or class of cases are prohibited.
  4. All clothing, accessories, or tattoos which display writing, script, or images of a profane, sexual, blasphemous, offensive, or infamous nature must be concealed.
  5. The use of chewing gum, toothpicks, and tobacco products is prohibited inside a courthouse.
  6. Packs, bags, boxes, suitcases, or other containers containing clothing, bedding, or other such belongings are not permitted; provided, however, that attorneys at law, jurors, witnesses, and others whose presence for court proceedings requires overnight travel may enter with such items, and after inspection, leave such items in an appropriate place provided by Court Security Officers.
  7. Weapons, cameras, computers, tablets, and communications and/or electronic devices (such as pagers, cellular telephones, PDAs, recording devices, and computers) are not permitted without prior court approval.